Eco-Friendly Parking Tips

Has your family planned any travel in the coming months? If so, you may want to consider scouting out some parking now. For many families, one of the most difficult parts of traveling is determining the most optimal parking situation throughout the trip. The unfamiliarity of the area in which a family travels to may leave them confused when it’s time to park their car for the next stop of their adventure All of the time spent scouring for parking can throw your travel itinerary for a loop while simultaneously harming the family vehicles’ fuel economy. The good news is, with the right strategy, your family can save time and decrease your carbon footprint while traveling. It starts with the air conditioning and heating systems of the vehicle and extends all the way down to the speed you’re driving throughout the trip. If you weren’t aware, everything in between these elements can have an impact on your family’s vehicle and the environment. If you’re traveling during the summer months, or through warmer parts of the world, rather than blasting your air conditioning, open the windows slightly to circulate air. During those frigid winter months, rather than cranking the heat on each startup of your family’s vehicle, let it gradually build up while driving. Rather than being concerned with driving the fastest speed to decrease travel time, maintaining the posted speed limits have been shown to decrease carbon emissions as well as increase your vehicle’s mileage. Though these are small changes to make, they can add up to make a significant impact throughout your family’s travels. To learn more about the ways in which your family can make travel plans more environmentally friendly, please check out the resource accompanying this post.

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Mahir Garth

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