October 2021


Five Amazing Outdoor Places Around New South Wales to Practice Yoga

Yoga is said to improve various aspects of both physical, mental, and spiritual health. Improved flexibility eases joint pain, controlled breathing lowers stress, and the meditative side assists with improved focus. After worldwide lockdowns, many people have a greater desire to spend time outdoors, seeking activities that improve their health, often which leads them to yoga.

Yoga can be practised both indoors and outdoors. While there are benefits to both, choosing to practice within nature brings about a whole new range of potential experience and, if you are living in New South Wales, you will find yourself with some of the most amazing natural experiences right on your doorstep.

Here are five amazing outdoor venues around the area that can both get you closer to nature and begin your journey into the world of yoga.

Wybalena Organic Farm

This centre offers a fabulous four-day hormone balancing retreat for women. Besides the regular female cycles women’s bodies go through every month, stress and ageing can also wreak havoc with the endocrine system that releases the chemicals into the bloodstream. This retreat is aimed at beginners and includes various highlights including three nights of accommodation on the farm and a class on how to cook for your hormones.

Chapman Valley Retreat

If you’re a lover of horses (you need not be a rider) and yoga, then this will be the perfect getaway for you. This retreat is aimed mainly at using equine therapy but offers meditation and yoga classes as add-ons. During the two-day retreat, you will learn various yoga aspects while interacting with the horses, including awareness and mindfulness.

Flow Motion

Practising tai chi or meditating on the beach is a widespread phenomenon. The sound of the waves gently lapping at the shore is sure to only enhance the experience. Flow Motion, which is based in Manly, also offers kayak yoga. You need not be able to swim to attend this retreat either!

Mana Yoga Retreat

Get away as a group to the stunning Byron Bay, which remains one of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia, and visit the Mana Yoga Retreat where you can enjoy a unique oceanfront rainforest yoga experience, one which includes surfing and kayak options, massages, a cedar sauna, meals, and exquisite accommodation.

Challenge Chaser Retreat

Based in Warranulla, Challenge Chaser Retreat offers AcroYoga workshops for all skill levels over a three day period. Daily mindfulness practices are also included, along with three vegan and organic meals per day. Accommodation is provided in luxury tents and visitors have access to all amenities on the property.

This selection of yoga locations covers a wide range of budget and environmental preferences. It is important to remember that yoga, as a practice, must work for the individual and what works for one person’s mental and physical health, might not work for another. Be sure to find both a landscape, atmosphere, and, importantly, a budget, that doesn’t leave you feeling uncomfortable.

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Questions To Ask Your Myanmar Maid Agency

Working with a Myanmar maid is no more seen as a deluxe for numerous Singaporeans yet instead a requirement. From the increase of dual-income parents due to the increasing cost of living to the growing ageing populace and also sandwich generation, lots of Singaporean family members work with house cleanings to assist reduce the load from their daily obligations in your home.

Prior to taking the plunge as well as going straight into hiring an assistant, there are a few factors to consider that you need to bear in mind of such as the essential demands, cost, and also the various housemaid firms available.

Employing An Excellent Housemaid

Working with simply the best housemaid can be life-altering for the busy household. No time to keep your house as arranged or tidy as you would like.

Are they up to date?

Professional cleansing companies keep up to date on the current and finest cleaning techniques as well as products. It is very imperative to ask the housemaid solution if they will certainly be providing the equipment needed to cleanse your house prior to hiring. Most business are recognized to come completely furnished.

What kind of training do they offer?

The typical sector turn over is rather high, a great deal of solutions are just searching for warm bodies they can send. It’s not uncommon for brand-new hires to be anticipated to find out on duty. The best companies will certainly have official and file training processes that they have actually fine-tuned and also exercised given that opening. On-going training makes sure premium quality as well as results in lower turn over.

That Offers the Cleaning Equipment?

The general guideline is that the cleansing brings their own supplies, however it doesn’t hurt to ask ahead of time if you’re selecting a smaller cleaning service to make certain. It should be a warning to you however, an excellent housemaid service need to have standardized requirements for equipment and cleaners to accompany whatever training they give.

Professionalism and trust?

If you uncover a firm after a comprehensive company research study, you end up with expert house cleaning solutions that is not simply professional however likewise extremely experienced in its job. You guarantee your house continues to be tidy during cleansing and therapy procedures, using the correct products.

The length of time Have you remained in the business?

It takes even more than a base degree of cleansing understanding as well as a wipe container to start and run an excellent sustainable house cleaning solution. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t go with the newer business, but more well established house cleaning solutions that have actually been about longer often tend to be a lot more reliable, seasoned, as well as professional.

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7 Tips To Help You Quit Smoking

While nearly 70% of adult smokers say they want to quit smoking and about 55% attempt it every year, only about 10% are successful in quitting for six to 12 months. If you are one of the 60% of people who want to quit but have not succeeded, these tips can help.

1. Utilize Behavioral Change Techniques

Habits are hard to break. However, there are scientifically proven techniques that can help you break almost any habit, including smoking. The program at uses behavioral change techniques to help users quit smoking or vaping in 21 days. This step-by-step program was developed by a psychiatrist and neuroscientist and teaches smokers who want to quit about how habits are formed and how they can be broken.

2. Identify Your Reason for Quitting

Because changing any habit is difficult, you need a powerful motivation to keep you going. For most people, simply knowing that they should quit because their doctor says so or the various anti-smoking campaigns have told them so is not enough. The reason needs to be honest and personal. Examples might include, wanting to save money by no longer purchasing cigarettes, or living long enough to meet your grandkids. The important part is that the reason should be motivating to you. It doesn’t need to seem like a “good reason,” to anyone else.

3. Try Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Quitting smoking isn’t just about breaking habits. The nicotine in cigarettes is an addictive substance. Some people have more success working on their smoking habit if they can reduce nicotine cravings. A nicotine replacement product, such as lozenges, gum, or patches may help some people. However, some users later find they have difficulty weaning themselves off the nicotine replacers.

4. Build a Support Network

Don’t feel like you have to do this on your own. Tell your friends and family that you are trying to quit. They can encourage you when you are struggling. Consider joining a support group or working with a counselor.

5. Identify and Avoid Triggers

Some people have triggers that make it more difficult for them to resist the urge to smoke. If you are used to having a cigarette during a particular activity, such as drinking or after eating, it may be helpful to substitute a different activity, such as brushing your teeth, chewing gum or going for a walk. Try keeping a diary that includes what time of day you feel the urge to smoke and what you are doing when you experience cravings to help you identify what your triggers are.

6. Eliminate Cigarettes From Your Home

Whether you are weaning yourself off cigarettes or quitting cold turkey, once you have decided that you are not going to smoke anymore, remove all traces of cigarettes from your home. Toss your last pack. Get rid of your ashtrays and lighters. Clean any items that smell like smoke, such as clothing, carpets, drapes, and upholstery. Use air fresheners to remove smoke smells from items that you can’t easily clean. Make sure your car is free of smoke smells and cigarettes.

7. Get Some Exercise

Exercise can reduce nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It may also help you combat potential weight gain brought on because nicotine is an appetite suppressant and people who quit often eat more. You don’t have to do an intense workout. Walking your dog or doing some light yard work can do the trick.

Quitting smoking is difficult, but it is not impossible. If you have failed in the past, it doesn’t mean you can’t succeed in the future. If one method of quitting doesn’t work for you, try another until you find what works best for you.

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Preventing Flat Head Syndrome

To reduce the chances of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), it’s recommended to place a baby on his or her back when sleeping. However, this has also led to an increase in neck and head issues and flat head syndrome. There are different things you can do to prevent flat head syndrome, as well as numerous baby pillows on the market to help. A baby can develop flat head syndrome because their bones are soft and affected by pressure. Even with the increase in flat head syndrome, it’s still important to place the baby on their back for sleeping.

Daily Supervised Tummy Time

Tummy time will help a baby develop shoulder and neck control. When a baby is not on his or her back, they are exercising their growing bodies during tummy time. Your goal should be about an hour of tummy time broken up throughout the day. The best time to start is after your child’s first visit to the pediatrician. Anytime between four and six months, your child will likely start rolling over on his or her own and getting in more tummy time naturally.


If you are able to tell that your kid has tight neck muscles and is holding his or her head in a certain way then you may want to try a gentle neck massage. This can help relax the neck muscles. Pay attention to make sure the massage is not too uncomfortable for your child since you are moving out of the body’s comfort zone.

Help Your Child Get Moving

When a baby starts to approach two months of age, he or she starts to see things more clearly. This is a great time to start moving around the room so that your child can notice different things in all directions in the room. This provides a passive form of exercise and helps encourage your baby to exercise the neck muscles.

Encourage Playtime

There are different ways you can encourage playtime. Shake a rattle or use your child’s favorite stuffed animal and then move around the room. This will have your child slowly moving the neck and head muscles to strengthen them.

Avoid Long Road Trips

When in the car for an extended period of time, a baby will hold his or her neck in the same position while in a car seat. Although many children will fall asleep in the car, this is not always a safe position and it’s best to place the baby on his or her back when sleeping so that the neck muscles are instead in a stretched out and natural position.

The Use of Baby Pillows

Baby pillows can help position the head to help prevent flat head syndrome. However, it’s important to be the right height and shape to make sure that the baby is comfortable and there isn’t additional strain on the body. Baby pillows can also help with temperature distribution around the head and improve blood circulation.

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Make Your Produce Last Longer

Many households shop for food and produce at least once a week — whether it is at a farmer’s market, a superstore, a neighborhood grocer, a specialty store or even a combination of resources. However, several families not only purchase produce regularly — they dispose of it often, as well.

Growth Of Food Waste

Food waste is a growing issue, especially in America. It is estimated that about 40% of food is thrown out in a year. A family of four trashes around $1,500 worth of food annually. That equates to about 80 million pounds of food, amassing to $161 billion in food waste. It has become a massive contributor to landfills, taking up approximately a quarter of landfill garbage. The most common product to be trashed is dairy and other dairy products, followed by fruits and vegetables.

What’s the leading cause of food waste? Spoilage. However, food and produce are often thrown away despite still being edible. Consumers may not be able to decipher expiration dates correctly or trash food that they do not want to eat anymore. That’s an unfortunate pattern, but there is hope for those who have issues with spoilage. There are many ways families can help their produce last longer which will save money, reduce food waste, and help overcrowded landfills.

Keep Track Of Waste

Firstly, it’s beneficial to keep track of what your family is throwing out the most. What kind of food products are you mostly disposing? Are you trashing produce every week because it has gone rotten, or do you just not wish to eat it? What’s the value of these foods being thrown away? Consider freezing food if possible or creating a compost heap for your home garden. Planning and organizing a weekly menu before heading to the store can help cut out impulsive spending and encourage smart, efficient purchases.

Upgrade Your Storage

Additionally, your family can upgrade the family refrigerator or add an approved purification system to your fridge that utilizes ozone and ionization technology to lessen ethylene. This can further delay decomposition in food and produce. Properly storing fruits and vegetables can also help them stay fresh for a longer period of time.

The infographic below provides more information about proper food storage and other tips and tricks.

Infographic provided by Greentech Enviornmental
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Ways To Encourage Your Teen Athlete

Participating in sports is a core component of the high school experience for millions of teens. In addition to being active and building friendships, teen athletes gain numerous advantages when they play individually or as part of a team. Studies have shown that students who participate in any form of athletics earn higher grades and miss fewer days than their peers who aren’t involved. Whether they play football, run track or swim, your kids can get a lot out of their involvement in athletics. However, they can’t do it alone.

As a parent, one of your biggest responsibilities is supporting your children as they grow. Although participating in sports can be one of the best ways for them to learn good habits and develop skills that will last them a lifetime, it also can be a tremendous commitment for them and for you. Beyond the time and money these activities require, it’s also important to be ready to support your teen athletes in other ways. Otherwise, what might have been a promising extracurricular endeavor could fall by the wayside.

Although their coaches give them the training and encouragement they need to succeed on the field, parents also play a critical role in determining how well teens perform at sports. For example, simply being there at games or meets to cheer them on can be a powerful motivator for many. Even though they may not show it in an obvious way, knowing their families are there to see them compete helps high school athletes stick with it and make the most of their experiences.

Setting a good example at home is just as important as making sure your son or daughter always makes it to practice on time. This means serving healthy meals and keeping up with your fitness regimen. However, it’s also important to remember that teenagers will indulge in the occasional sugary snack or veg out on the couch once in a while. Being too strict about what they eat or how they spend their free time may end up pushing them away from sports altogether.

Supporting your teenagers throughout their athletic experiences can demand a lot from you, but the rewards can be well worth it. To learn more about what you can do to make sure your kids get the most from their activities and why it matters, take a look at the accompanying resource.

Infographic provided by Funky Otter
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Protecting Your Home From Package Theft

As more households choose online retail shopping over in-person, it has caused an increase to an unfortunate trend — parcel theft. Package thieves, or sometimes known as porch pirates, are thieves who take delivered packages left at an addressee’s doorstep. In some instances, these thieves will shadow postal and delivery trucks throughout neighborhoods and wait for packages to be delivered. Some porch pirates will even wear a uniform to look less suspicious when stealing these goods. Luckily, there is hope for online shoppers to avert these sneaky thieves.

The gross value of packages that have been stolen last year from American consumers is $5.4 billion. The number is astounding. However, as the number of stolen packages continues to escalate, several households have resorted to creative solutions. These booby traps range from fake packages filled with stink sprays and glitter bombs to setting off sirens when their parcel gets lifted.

Nonetheless, there are other safer and more effective measures that homeowners can use. For instance, installing surveillance cameras or implementing doorbell cameras can help deter pesky porch pirates from pilfering your packages. Sometimes, they’re even caught in the act. Cameras can provide a source of video evidence that homeowners can present to their local police department. Concerned consumers can also install motion-sensor security lights.

An alternative and cost-efficient strategy to avoid package theft is to request an authorized signature for your package when delivered. Therefore, the delivery driver will not leave your parcels in danger. This method is greatly advantageous when expecting expensive goods.

Homeowners can also register for Amazon Key, but only if they have an Amazon Prime membership. This allows customers to have their packages delivered inside their garage, home or vehicle. Delivery drivers do not need an actual key. Instead, Amazon Prime members utilize an authorized smartphone app to remotely unlock the door to their desired drop-off location.

To find out more about how to prevent porch pirates, check out the infographic below.

Infographic provided by Bosma
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How To Prepare Your Kid’s Suitcase For The Holiday

Taking a vacation with your family is a good opportunity to have a great time together. Plus, it’s an occasion where you will have fun and get a well-deserved relaxation.

One of the less relaxing parts of a family trip is packing. It is simple to pack a lot of clothes and overthink things while forgetting small yet vital items.

Packing your children’s suitcase neither does it have to be complicated nor a chore. With the right preparation and careful planning, you will be able to whiz through the entire process, especially when you apply the following strategies:

1.     Have a List

Some individuals pack complete outfits, while others opt to select shirts/tops and skirts/trousers, which they match and mix.

Whichever way you prefer, it is wise to carry extra clothing if your kids spill something and need to change their designer baby clothes more than usual.

2.     Pack Several Days before the Trip

Rather than rushing your kids, as a parent, you have to be patient with their packing pace, particularly when you’re still teaching them the skill.

It is highly recommended that you begin packing ahead of time to avoid missing out on several important things when you pack on the last day.

3.     Consider Layering Up

Dump heavy dresses, coats, thick jumpers, and jeans, and consider thinking layers instead. For girls classic clothing, think T-shirts, fleeces, light jumpers, neck buffs, thin shirts, and thermals.

Quick-dry fabrics and silks are also great. They are simply lightweight and easy to dry and wash up. Because they occupy less space, you will be able to carry a few more things for your kids.

4.     Determine the Weather of Your Destination

A key factor to help you determine what to pack in your kid’s suitcase is the weather. Cold snowy and summery beach holidays are actually the simplest to pack as you will know what to expect with a clear wardrobe expectation.

Where temperatures vary, big variances in the temperature exit and rain is a possibility, packing might get a little bit trickier.

To get a fairly accurate forecast for ten days or so, you may visit popular weather forecasting websites, such as Weather Channel.

5.     Go for the Appropriate Fabrics

As obvious as it can sound, summer is usually hot, and your kids will sweat, making them whine and complain.

The best way to make them comfortable throughout the vacation is to avoid carrying synthetic fabrics, which may make your kids sweat profusely and unnecessarily.

For instance, organic cotton pants are suitable clothes for little boys because they absorb moisture and promote air circulation around the skin.

The best part is that cotton fabrics are not only natural but also less likely to result in irritations and rashes. Plus, they are comfortable, making your kids not to fiddle and fuss in their airplane seats because their pants interfere with the bottom.

Closing Remarks!

Holidays are great, but when you have kids involved, particularly younger ones, the act of getting to your destination might be a tad stressful.

Packing is among the challenging tasks that exist when you still have a young family, especially if you cannot just throw anything and hope for the best.

Before you pack, it is recommended that you check the size and weight restriction on the airline’s hand luggage allowance so as to know what to bring along.

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How to throw a 20s themed party

Known as the Roaring Twenties, the 1920s was a decade epitomised by glamour and excess. With the First World War out the way, young people simply wanted to let their hair down and celebrate life, with parties, cocktails, music, and dancing.

If you’re hosting your own party, then a 20s theme is guaranteed to wow your guests and see they have the time of their lives. Here are just a few things you might like to consider when planning a 20 themed party.


One colour scheme we really associate with the 1920s is black and gold, and the art deco style was all the rage. Think about black and gold table cloths, gold tassel chandeliers, and big, bold table centrepieces involving gold balloons, peacock feathers and sequins. Chinese print lanterns were popular, as were elegant fabrics such as red velvet, so a red carpet at the entrance wouldn’t go amiss. You might also want to look into hiring fairy light curtains, and possibly an ice bar if your venue is big enough.

Live music

No 20s themed party would be complete without a live band, because parties in the Roaring Twenties were all about the dancing and the music! Having a live band adds to the atmosphere and makes people want to get up and let their hair down because it’s hard to stop yourself foot tapping when there is live music in the room. You could request some fast-paced jazz or swing to fit in with your theme because this was the era in which jazz took off big time on both sides of the Atlantic.


Fashion went a bit wild in the 20s! Women dared to bare for the first time, and so-called ‘flapper girls’ appeared on the scene and shook things up. For an authentic 20s themed party, women might choose dresses influenced by the period, with plenty of tassles, sequins, and patterned silk. For men, the dress code could involve sharp suits or even plus fours.

Food and drink

The 20s was the age of the cocktail, so a long cocktail list at the bar is required here! Think of the classics – gin and tonic, cosmopolitan, bloody Mary, whisky sidecar. Food-wise, you might go for elegant food bowls and canapes, basically anything which can be eaten standing up to keep the party going! That might include things such as smoked salmon, bruschetta, mini puff pastry tarts, and sandwiches, all of which can be eaten on the go.

The key to a successful 20s themed party is bringing that touch of glamour and excitement to proceedings, by capturing the mood of the period. Stick to your gold and black colour scheme, inject some fun with live music and raise a glass to the era of excess!

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Sustainable Parenting Products We Should All Use

When it comes to sustainable parenting, there’s an emphasis on educating children to be eco-conscious and make decisions with the good of the planet in mind.

The goal being to teach kids to be more sustainable so they can grow up loving and caring for the environment which surrounds them.

There’s no real ‘playbook’ when it comes to this sort of thing, but there are some handy tips and tricks which you can take on and try. They’re not difficult either, so don’t worry about that!

New nappies

Nappies are a pivotal of parenthood for making sure there are no unfortunate spills and accidents during day-to-day life. The trouble with nappies is that they’re not very good for the environment.

Most end up in landfills where they’re left to pile up, or burnt, which can release harmful emissions into the atmosphere – luckily there are other options.

Bamboo Nappies are a great example, they’re mostly biodegradable, better for the planet and contain less plastic than normal nappies. Bamboo is an excellent eco-friendly resource which grows super-fast and is much better for the environment.

Not only that, but because bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, it’s super soft on your babies’ sensitive skin, reducing the risk of nappy rash!

Have a green clean

Having kids and babies means mess is almost inevitable, so that means you need stock up on cleaning products.

For quite a while, it’s been well-known that cleaning products contain toxins that are harmful to the planet and our health too. So why not make the switch to something more sustainable and eco-friendlier?

There are plenty of green cleaning options which use all-natural products, but why not make your own? Use lemon juice or vinegar with baking soda to scrub your pots and pans or wipe down your surfaces – they’re cheap and don’t come in plastic bottles, either!

Sustainable Straws!

No doubt you’ve got some straws lurking in your cupboard to slip into your kids’ favourite drinks so they can slurp it up (and there’s less chance of them spilling it on the new carpet…)

But if they’re plastic, you should know better. Plastic straws are terrible for the planet, in particular marine life – they stick around the ocean for years, getting eaten by all kinds of fish and animals.

Invest in some reusable straws which you can wash up and use countless times. If single-use is your thing, try paper, or better yet bamboo, which is sturdier and eco-friendlier.

It’s a small change, but you never know, it could make a big difference! Especially to the turtles…

If parents can instil these practices early and teach their children the best ways to enjoy sustainable living, the future of the planet might start looking a little brighter for all of us.

The next generation of eco-conscious kids could be the answer we’re all looking for, and it’s up to today’s parents to teach them the ways!

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