Words Of Advice For Parents Of Teen Drivers

As the parent of a soon-to-be driver, it can be nerve-wracking to watch your child pull out from the driveway. After years of protecting your child from all sorts of dangers, here comes the serious task of protecting him or her as he or she hits the road. What’s more, you not only play a crucial role in your teen’s personal safety, but also the safety of other drivers and passengers.

It’s scary to imagine, but the fact is that every day approximately seven teens die in motor vehicle crashes and hundreds more are injured. With this high of a number, it’s no surprise car crashes are the second leading cause of teen deaths in the U.S.

What leads to these heartbreaking statistics? While there is no conclusive answer, it may boil down to inexperience and poor decision making. These reasons and more make it essential to lay down some straightforward rules before your teen gets behind the wheel. Here are some quick safety tips to keep the newest driver in your family heading in the right direction.

It all begins with setting a good example. Your child learns from you and your driving habits at an early age. Remember to always wear your seatbelt and to urge others to do the same. Don’t tailgate, and don’t use your phone as you drive. Talking and texting are big distractions for every motorist but are especially tempting for teens.

These tips may seem obvious, but a recent survey revealed that 48% of kids ages 12 to 17 reported being in a car when the driver was texting. You can’t expect your teen to obey the rules of the road if you or other family members openly violate them.

Another tip is to establish well-defined expectations and boundaries. Make it clear that there will be no drinking, drugs, speeding or driving drowsy. Follow up with set punishments for breaking these rules. Remind your teen that driving is a privilege; the keys can be taken away if there is bad behavior.

A breakdown of fatal accidents involving distracted drivers uncovered that 12% of the drivers were between 15 and 19. Distractions aren’t just from phones and devices — although 56% of teens admit to talking on cell phones while driving. Passengers can also be major distractions. It’s important to restrict the number of passengers in the car with your teen. A last word of advice is to also limit driving times. A significant percentage of car accidents involving teenagers happen on the weekends and at night.

By setting limits and emphasizing the consequences of bad driving habits, you can work to keep your teen driver safe. However, it’s equally important to provide ample opportunities to improve. Give your teen time to practice by running errands, driving at night and in certain weather conditions together. Encourage open communication and remember to be as patient as possible as your teenager tackles this momentous milestone.

For additional tips on keeping your teen driver safe, please see the accompanying resource.

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Benefits Of Joining Dance Classes Singapore

A dance class Singapore shows youngsters just how to express their emotions with actions. It is a fantastic possibility to create a gratitude of arts in a youngster. Music, beat, visual appearance– everything is essential in dancing and also it supports children’ aesthetic level of sensitivity.

Youngsters quickly learn that dancing is not everything about enjoyable and also enjoyment. Coping as well as adhering to guidelines with a regimen is an additional vital part of this activity and no results can be accomplished without it.

Attending dance courses is the perfect opportunity to meet children of the same age and also strike up a friendship. As well as, youngsters develop their teamwork abilities as well as discover exactly how to connect and work together in groups.

There is no better means to launch those pent-up fears by dancing your stress away! As soon as you go into the dance workshop and also begin relocating, possibilities are that you will certainly forget about your everyday stress and also focus on immersing yourself in the dancing motions as well as music.

Grown-up dancing classes are the dreamland to socialise and also satisfy new individuals! As adults, most of us often tend to get caught up in frantic timetables and dedications– such as family members, work or college– that we are incapable to discover time to try something new. Enrolling in a dancing class is an excellent way to connect with various other like-minded individuals and also make new good friends, which helps to decrease tension by connecting with people in a totally various social environment.

One of the key reasons dancing is a wonderful form of exercise is that it integrates motions from every part of your body. Not only does this aid to enhance your total strength, it boosts your hand-eye control and also balance too!

For any type of moms and dad, among the top-of-mind concerns is looking for the best method to funnel the energy of the “everlasting batteries”– the youngsters. While giving them the possibility to play video games or view toons may assist to resolve them down for time, physical activity is the best service to guide their power into the appropriate course.

And also it is the parents’ obligation to ensure that youngsters discover the selected task amusing as well as intriguing, otherwise, they will not want to do it. The first thing that comes into mind is team sporting activities. However, with all the advantages that sports bring, it is important to be smart in your choices. Some team sports call for a certain age variety so when you pick a sort of sporting activity for your toddler, focus on the age needs. Fortunately, there is a task that makes a hit for kids of every ages– dance!

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Wage and hour class actions can cost businesses millions of dollars

Employers who violate federal and state wage and hour regulations may face class-action lawsuits, which might result in costly settlements with employees.

He pointed out that even if the employer’s mistakes are minimal, the company could be held accountable for such fines and damages. Because lengthy litigation might result in increased fees, these cases usually settle fast.

According to the report’s author, Gerald Maatman Jr., an attorney at Seyfarth Shaw in Chicago and New York City, the spike in wage and hour settlements—which has risen to a combined value of $1.2 billion in the last two years—is the No. 1 exposure for corporations heading into 2018. HR experts and company executives, he said, should concentrate on this.

Here are seven typical wage and hour errors that HR professionals should aim to avoid in their organizations, according to attorneys.

Errors in Exemption Classification

According to Daniel Schlein, labour attorney in New York City, classification concerns are a challenge for businesses dealing with the complexity of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). One recurring issue, he added, is businesses incorrectly classifying workers as exempt and failing to pay overtime compensation.

The so-called white-collar exemptions for executive, administrative, and professional staff are the most popular exemptions from overtime pay under the FLSA. Workers must be paid on a salary basis, earn a minimum wage of $23,660, and perform specific responsibilities on a regular basis to qualify for one of these exemptions. An exempted executive, for example, is required to oversee two or more employees on a regular basis, among other things.

Employers should be aware of alternative exemption categories, such as those for certain computer-related jobs and commissioned sales positions.

Non Exempt personnel who do not qualify for an exemption must be paid 1.5 times their regular pay rate for all hours worked after the exemption period has expired.

Violations of State Law

Employers should be on the lookout for “hybrid” wage and hour actions, according to Schlein, in addition to exposure under the FLSA. Plaintiffs in a hybrid case bring claims under both the FLSA and the applicable state statute.

He pointed out that state wage and hour laws can provide more opportunity for overtime claims than the FLSA, as well as greater time to make a claim and broader coverage.

The California Labor Code, for example, has rigorous standards about what must be reported on pay stubs, and disobedience can result in severe fines for employers.

HR’s Function

Employers can reduce the likelihood of a collective action under the FLSA or state wage & hour lawyers regulations, according to Schlein, by:

  • Using up-to-date systems to maintain accurate time-keeping and record-keeping methods.
  • Managers should be educated on the differences between exempt and nonexempt personnel, and they should be encouraged to disclose wage concerns as soon as possible.
  • Conducting wage and hour audits on a regular basis to ensure that employees are designated accurately as exempt or nonexempt.
  • Identifying the types of work that independent contractors do and how they do it.
  • When issues or disagreements emerge, employers should keep open channels of contact with their employees.

Class actions in the workplace should never be unexpected. Businesses can limit their risk of lawsuit by implementing sound HR processes and ensuring that employees believe the HR office is open to them and that their issues will be addressed, investigated, and resolved if necessary.

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Can Child Custody Be Regained?

Losing a child in a custody battle is one of the most pain-inflicting times any parent could face mentally. Usually, a parent would lose custody of their child due to various reasons and factors like crime, neglect, or abuse. 

A parent can regain the primary lost custody of their child or children. The process of regaining custody is, however, long and tasking. Proving to the judge that the primary factors to which they lost custody have now changed is pretty tricky but is not impossible.

In such cases, hiring a Gig Harbor Child Support Attorney can help you guide the procedure on how you can reclaim your child’s custody back. Here is how you can regain your child’s custody:

Assess prior faults:

The judge will always state or mention the reason as to why you lost your child’s custody. For regaining the lost faith, necessary changes need to be made. According to the case, your attorney will tell you how you can overcome this hurdle. It could be gaining productive employment, enrolling in addiction recovery programs, or making your home a more safe and child-friendly environment, among others. Proof of such changes will speak volumes in the courtroom.

Reinstatement contingencies:

The parent may regain the lost custody, contingent on the happening of a specific event. Adjusting and bringing about such changes are challenging but are your best bet to get your kids back. Attending mediation, rehabilitation in alcoholism and substance abuse cases, parental counseling, etc., can help reinstate custody.

Legal counsel:

Having an experienced and winning attorney in such a case could be your best investment to get your kids back. An attorney would help you with the paperwork and tell you what to document to benefit your case.

Request for an in-House evaluation:

After getting legal aid and complying with the court’s contingency, put in a request for an in-house evaluation. The evaluation carried out by a psychologist will ensure that the environment for the child is suitable and as per the standards of the state. Additionally, the interaction between the child and parent will also be documented.

Keep calm:

While waiting for the results of the evaluation, excise your visitation rights. Keep in mind that while visiting your child in the presence of the child’s guardian, be on your best behavior. This is because such events can quickly turn all your efforts into vain. Be courteous in your approach to both the child and the child’s legal caretaker.

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How to throw a 20s themed party

Known as the Roaring Twenties, the 1920s was a decade epitomised by glamour and excess. With the First World War out the way, young people simply wanted to let their hair down and celebrate life, with parties, cocktails, music, and dancing.

If you’re hosting your own party, then a 20s theme is guaranteed to wow your guests and see they have the time of their lives. Here are just a few things you might like to consider when planning a 20 themed party.


One colour scheme we really associate with the 1920s is black and gold, and the art deco style was all the rage. Think about black and gold table cloths, gold tassel chandeliers, and big, bold table centrepieces involving gold balloons, peacock feathers and sequins. Chinese print lanterns were popular, as were elegant fabrics such as red velvet, so a red carpet at the entrance wouldn’t go amiss. You might also want to look into hiring fairy light curtains, and possibly an ice bar if your venue is big enough.

Live music

No 20s themed party would be complete without a live band, because parties in the Roaring Twenties were all about the dancing and the music! Having a live band adds to the atmosphere and makes people want to get up and let their hair down because it’s hard to stop yourself foot tapping when there is live music in the room. You could request some fast-paced jazz or swing to fit in with your theme because this was the era in which jazz took off big time on both sides of the Atlantic.


Fashion went a bit wild in the 20s! Women dared to bare for the first time, and so-called ‘flapper girls’ appeared on the scene and shook things up. For an authentic 20s themed party, women might choose dresses influenced by the period, with plenty of tassles, sequins, and patterned silk. For men, the dress code could involve sharp suits or even plus fours.

Food and drink

The 20s was the age of the cocktail, so a long cocktail list at the bar is required here! Think of the classics – gin and tonic, cosmopolitan, bloody Mary, whisky sidecar. Food-wise, you might go for elegant food bowls and canapes, basically anything which can be eaten standing up to keep the party going! That might include things such as smoked salmon, bruschetta, mini puff pastry tarts, and sandwiches, all of which can be eaten on the go.

The key to a successful 20s themed party is bringing that touch of glamour and excitement to proceedings, by capturing the mood of the period. Stick to your gold and black colour scheme, inject some fun with live music and raise a glass to the era of excess!

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How To Tell A Story: Secrets To Writing Captivating Fiction

Is writing a fiction novel your dream? Perhaps you are confused about the writing process no matter how many books you read. Don’t worry; this is a common occurrence to most writers. Writing fiction can be overwhelming, but it will become easier when you master the craft, and your book may even become a bestseller, like ‘File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents’ by Daniel Handler. Below are a few secrets to writing captivating fiction.

Love And Own Your Story

Writers have many stories in their minds waiting to be fleshed out. However, there is always one story that you love and are more passionate about. That is the story to start writing. Start investing in the characters and plot of your best fiction and watch it become a reality.

Understand Why You Want to Write Fiction

Before you start writing, it’s worth taking a moment to understand what you are doing as a writer. Ask yourself why you want to write that book and how much you want it to succeed. Do you want your fiction to change people’s lives, or your goal Is to make an income? Asking yourself such questions will determine what you will write about and if the results will make you happy.

Keep It Simple

If you want to make it easy for your audience to read your book, keep it simple. Keeping it simple will also get your story across, especially if you are writing children’s fiction books. You must write in a language that they will understand. A succinct language will ensure your audience gets your message. In his book, ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’, award-winning author Daniel Handler keeps his audience engaged in an easy yet clear language. This has made him become one of the best children’s book authors.

Use Active Voice

If you want to keep your readers engaged from the beginning to the end, always use an active voice in your book. Ensure that you follow the basic structure of nouns-verbs-objects. Although it’s not wrong to use passive voice, you should limit it in fiction stories.

Take Breaks If Necessary

Writing can be mentally exhausting. You may suffer writer’s block now and then. When this happens, take a break from your computer and engage in other activities. You can change your environment to get your blood flowing and ignite ideas. Proceed with writing after you feel better, energized, and ready for the task.

Writing fiction requires dedication and a lot of hard work. However, you can make the process easier by following the tips mentioned above.

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How to Take Care of Therapy Pets Properly

Emotional support animals, also known as therapy pets, offer a ton of health benefits to their owners with mental or physical conditions. However, the care and maintenance your pet needs may be stressful, taking a toll on you. No matter how difficult it is to care for them, they will give you all the love and guidance you need, which is why you should return the favor, too!

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to care for your therapy dog properly, here are a few helpful tips:

  1. Exercise Together

Exercising together is an awesome way to build a positive relationship while staying in shape. Furthermore, therapy pets should stay healthy, away from illnesses and obesity, with exercise doing just the trick. Daily walks, training sessions, swims, and runs around the park are great exercises for both you and your therapy pet.

After exercise, and even during rest days, make sure that you feed your pet in proper amounts and with healthy food. You can ask for recommendations from your vet on what food and treats your dog should have to maintain their good health.

  1. Frequent Checkups

Again, your therapy pet’s health is of utmost importance. Keep their health in check through frequent checkups with their veterinarian. That way, the vet can identify any illnesses (or risk of it) early on for them to be treated right away before they worsen.

Doing so will help your pet stay healthy and will go easy on your wallet, compared to missing out on vet appointments until it’s too late.

  1. Give Them Love and Affection

Your therapy pet is more than just a helpful animal, he is your family! They require constant love and dedication for them to thrive and stay healthy. And remember, animals are social creatures, so spend more time with your pet and give them the necessary mental and physical stimulation.

Play with them with dog toys from Peggasus Pets, cuddle with them daily, and make sure you always give them the time of day to give a positive attention they love. If ever your pet misbehaved, use positive reinforcement instead of hitting or punishing, as this won’t help them learn quickly and behave better!

  1. Groom Them Regularly

It’s important to bathe and regularly groom your pet for them to stay clean and healthy. Trim their nails for comfier walks, bathe them to reduce itching and skin conditions, brush their teeth for their dental health, then brush their fur to avoid matting or hair loss.

If you are unable to groom your pet yourself, you can always take them to a professional!

Furthermore, do care for their eyes and ears as well, which are prone to mites and infection. After grooming your dog, give their eyes and ears a thorough inspection, making sure that everything is all clear and that your dog isn’t feeling uncomfortably around those sensitive parts.

Wrapping It Up

Caring for your therapy dog doesn’t need to be so difficult with the right knowledge and tips. Continue taking care of them and keeping them happy and healthy, for them to help you do the same every day.

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Equipment You Need For a Long Hike With Your Dog

Do you love hiking with your dog? This is such a relaxing activity that can help maintain great health while having the time of your life with your best friend!

Remember that hiking is different from a walk around the neighborhood though, requiring special gear. And yes, they will need more than enthusiasm and a pet water bottle from PetSwag.

To keep them safe from harm while still having a fun time, make sure that you pack these equipment for both of you to enjoy the hike.

  1. Harness

I recommend that you get a no pull dog harness for your dog, something colorful and that you can see from a distance in case your dog decides to run. The harness should be a good fit and give you control throughout the hike, which is helpful when dealing with excited dogs that love to tug and pull.

  1. ID tags or microchips

It’s best to have your dog microchipped before going out and traveling, which can be done by their vet. Other ID tags include a registered tattoo and identification tags linked to your dog’s collar.

  1. Food and water

Being at least a cup of water for every hour you hike. This amount is for one dog, so adjust the amount of water you bring accordingly. Do NOT let dogs drink standing water, as this may have bacteria and parasites that cause sicknesses.

Furthermore, bring food and nutritious snacks for dogs, offering this throughout the hike to maintain your dog’s energy levels. I recommend feeding your dog in small amounts frequently so they aren’t uncomfortable when hiking on a full stomach.

Pack a collapsible food and water bowl as well to feed your dog properly.

  1. Plastic bag and a small spade

These are necessary when dealing with dog waste, so you won’t leave a mess in the trail.

  1. First aid kit

Carry the right first aid kit supplies that can treat injuries your dog can experience when hiking. Bring the following:

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Scissors that have rounded tips
  • Gauze pads and bandages
  • Tweezers
  • Small socks or booties
  1. Reflective items

Let your dog wear reflective clothing or accessories, depending on the weather. A reflective collar, leash, jacket, or even a small light offers a layer of protection when hiking during the evening.

  1. Extra doggie clothing

Make sure that you have extra clothes on hand, as you never know what the weather will be like! These clothes are also helpful for special activities, which is why it’s best to plan and check the weather predictions to know what clothes to pack for your dog.

Bring booties to protect your dog’s paws, a bandana for a form of identification or a bandage, and an insulated jacket for warmth. Consider bringing a canine flotation device in case you plan to go on boat rides!

Wrapping It Up

Next time you’re going hiking with your dog, make sure that you invest in the right gear for them and yourself. Enjoy your next hike and plan according to the weather and conditions in your area.

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Do I Always Need A Lawyer?

It is important to know that there are some times when you need a lawyer. It is helpful to you if you exactly when those times are. It may be helpful to you if you know when you do not need a lawyer. We are going to briefly touch on the times when you should consider hiring a lawyer.

If you were arrested for a crime, you should contact a lawyer. You do not want to handle that situation on your own without legal representation. If you have been served papers as a result of a civil lawsuit, content a lawyer. If you have been involved in an accident that caused injury or damage to property, or if there has been a major change in your family statuses like adoption, death, or divorce, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. If you are starting a business, file for bankruptcy, or there is a loss of personal property, you should contact a lawyer before starting any of these ventures.

Some of the times you do not need a lawyer include when you have a case in small claims court. This type of case is for civil disputes that usually do not include large amounts of money. The cap for the amount of this money is set by each state. These cases tend to be more informal where both parties sit before a judge and each party is able to tell their side of the story. The judge listens and then makes a decision about the case.

If you receive a traffic ticket, you should consider just paying for fine for the ticket and accepting the points you will receive. If the points are so high that you might get a suspended license, you might want to consider a lawyer. A lawyer may be able to help reduce the severity of the ticket and make it, so you only have to pay a fine and not subject to points on your license. Otherwise, you can handle paying the fine without involving a lawyer.

If you are involved with a lawsuit, and you do not want to contest it, you may be able to do so without an attorney. If you are willing to pay the amount listed in the lawsuit, you can go to court without a lawyer. If you still are not sure and need to learn more about when you need a lawyer, there are some ways to find out if a lawyer can help you with your current situation.

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Top Practical Concerns Before Giving Birth

When you’re pregnant, you’re excited to meet your baby whether you’re having your first or fifth child. However, you’re also nervous about giving birth. Follow these tips to prepare yourself so you can look forward to your baby’s birthday without anxiety.

Talk to Your Doctor About Birth Options

There are many ways to give birth, from lying down on a hospital bed to floating in a pool of water. Depending on your hospital’s size and budget, it may not offer many options, but all hospitals offer both vaginal births and Cesarean sections. Generally, people who are in good health give birth vaginally to avoid having surgery. However, if your placenta is covering your cervix, if you or your baby experience cardiac distress, or if the baby is stuck, the doctor performs a C-section. Although this birthing method is not most people’s first choice, it’s an important measure for avoiding birth injuries.

Learn Your Insurance Company’s Maternity Coverage

People often complain about the high cost of raising a child, but just giving birth to one is expensive, too. Before you head to the hospital, reach out to your insurance company and find out how much of the bill is covered. Although all major American insurance companies include labor and delivery in their programs, the amount of coverage ranges from 25 to 90 percent. This information is also important to have if you’re considering special services such as a water birth. After all, you want to enjoy your time with your new baby when you leave the hospital rather than stressing about your bills.

Ask About Your Hospital’s Visitor Policy

Some new parents love visitors when their babies are newborns; others don’t want anyone to come to the hospital. Regardless of what camp you’re in, ask your doctor about your hospital’s visitor policy. That way, you can make it clear to your family and friends what the rules are before you’re in labor. If you have kids, don’t forget to ask about age limits. For example, some hospitals don’t allow children younger than 12 into maternity wards, although others make exceptions for siblings.

Getting ready for your baby takes lots of effort; you have to take care of your health and prepare your family for your newest member. However, your last months of being pregnant don’t have to be stressful. Take care of these practical concerns so that you can relax and enjoy your third trimester.

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