Sustainable Parenting Products We Should All Use

When it comes to sustainable parenting, there’s an emphasis on educating children to be eco-conscious and make decisions with the good of the planet in mind.

The goal being to teach kids to be more sustainable so they can grow up loving and caring for the environment which surrounds them.

There’s no real ‘playbook’ when it comes to this sort of thing, but there are some handy tips and tricks which you can take on and try. They’re not difficult either, so don’t worry about that!

New nappies

Nappies are a pivotal of parenthood for making sure there are no unfortunate spills and accidents during day-to-day life. The trouble with nappies is that they’re not very good for the environment.

Most end up in landfills where they’re left to pile up, or burnt, which can release harmful emissions into the atmosphere – luckily there are other options.

Bamboo Nappies are a great example, they’re mostly biodegradable, better for the planet and contain less plastic than normal nappies. Bamboo is an excellent eco-friendly resource which grows super-fast and is much better for the environment.

Not only that, but because bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, it’s super soft on your babies’ sensitive skin, reducing the risk of nappy rash!

Have a green clean

Having kids and babies means mess is almost inevitable, so that means you need stock up on cleaning products.

For quite a while, it’s been well-known that cleaning products contain toxins that are harmful to the planet and our health too. So why not make the switch to something more sustainable and eco-friendlier?

There are plenty of green cleaning options which use all-natural products, but why not make your own? Use lemon juice or vinegar with baking soda to scrub your pots and pans or wipe down your surfaces – they’re cheap and don’t come in plastic bottles, either!

Sustainable Straws!

No doubt you’ve got some straws lurking in your cupboard to slip into your kids’ favourite drinks so they can slurp it up (and there’s less chance of them spilling it on the new carpet…)

But if they’re plastic, you should know better. Plastic straws are terrible for the planet, in particular marine life – they stick around the ocean for years, getting eaten by all kinds of fish and animals.

Invest in some reusable straws which you can wash up and use countless times. If single-use is your thing, try paper, or better yet bamboo, which is sturdier and eco-friendlier.

It’s a small change, but you never know, it could make a big difference! Especially to the turtles…

If parents can instil these practices early and teach their children the best ways to enjoy sustainable living, the future of the planet might start looking a little brighter for all of us.

The next generation of eco-conscious kids could be the answer we’re all looking for, and it’s up to today’s parents to teach them the ways!

Mahir Garth

The author Mahir Garth