Should You Hire an Experienced or First-Time Maid?

Is experience something to consider when you hire a domestic helper? What you will notice is that aside from skills, qualifications and traits, experience is one of the pivotal things that many clients require from most myanmar maids. However, not everyone needs to go with an experienced maid, sometimes a first-time maid will be just as good. Here are some of the things to keep in mind.

Price point

Generally, an experienced maid will usually have a higher price point. However, it’s justified based on the large number of skills and services that the maid can provide. A newer maid doesn’t provide a poorer quality, but she has less skills, and that means her price point will be lower. So if you’re on a budget, a newer maid can be an option. Yet if you are in need of a maid with multiple skills, the main agency will send a more experienced professional.

Previous records

A new maid doesn’t have any previous employment records, so you have to rely on the interview. In the case of an experienced maid, you can check her employment history, reviews and testimonials. This shows that it’s easier to determine whether an experienced maid is better according to your needs.


Generally, newer maids are much easier to train so they can meet your requirements. Experienced maids might find it harder to adapt to some requirements, so they are not as easy to train. However, you can ask your maid agency for a newer maid if you want someone that you can train and adapt to your requirements.

Adjusting to a new location

First time Myanmar maids might find it harder to adapt to Singapore, not to mention it’s hard for them to work so far from home. Experienced maids already know how to tackle these challenges, as they already acquired various skills to surpass any problems like that.

Taking care of kids

Experienced maids are known to have experience when it comes to taking care of kids. That’s what makes them ideal when it comes to taking care of kids properly. If the maid lacks such experience, then tackling younger family members can turn out to be a very difficult task. The same thing can be said when it comes to taking initiative, newer maids lack confidence and they need specific instructions from the employer. An experienced maid knows how to handle all kinds of tasks and when to take control, so they will try to solve various issues even without being told to do so.


Picking between a first-time maid or an experienced maid can be difficult, yet it all comes down to your needs and your budget. First time Myanmar maids are usually more affordable, however they need more guidance and assistance, and they also lack some skills. Experienced maids are more expensive, however they have lots of skills, they take initiative and can always adapt to your requirements. First Maid is always here to help with professional maid services, and we can assist with both first time and experienced maids, according to your requirements. Don’t hesitate and contact us today for more information!

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Benefits Of Cleaning Your Chimney

When was the last time you cleaned your chimney? Many homeowners tend to neglect this important task, but there are several good reasons why you should make chimney cleaning a regular part of your home maintenance routine. And the good thing is that you can hire professionals to do it for you.

Cleaning your chimney can have a number of benefits; in this read, we will look at 6 of them. Keep reading.

  1. Improves air quality

One of the most important benefits is that it improves air quality. A dirty chimney can cause the air in your home to become polluted, which can be harmful to your health. Additionally, a dirty chimney can lead to the formation of soot, which is a known carcinogen.

  1. Prevents chimney fire

Fires are dangerous, and they can result in huge losses when they happen. One of the best ways to prevent fires in your home is by cleaning your chimney. Chimney fires often occur when there is a build-up of creosote in the chimney. Creosote is a black, sticky substance that is produced when wood burns. It is highly flammable and can easily ignite and cause a fire.

  1. Increases the chimney’s efficiency

A dirty chimney is not as efficient as a clean one. When the chimney is dirty, it does not allow for proper ventilation, which means that the heat from the fire will not be able to escape properly. This can lead to increased heat levels in your home, which can be uncomfortable and dangerous. Additionally, cleaning the chimney can help you save on energy costs and make your fireplace more effective.

  1. Increases its lifespan

A dirty chimney can also shorten the lifespan of your chimney. The build-up of creosote and other substances can cause the chimney to corrode and deteriorate. This can lead to expensive repairs or even a complete replacement of the chimney. And did you know that you can hire a reputable chimney cleaning playa del Rey firm to help you?

  1. It helps get rid of foul odors

Have you been wondering why your house smells bad, even though you have cleaned the floors and the kitchen? The answer could be that your chimney is dirty. Foul odors can often originate from the chimney, and the best way to get rid of them is by cleaning it. These smells can be unpleasant and can also be a sign of danger.

  1. It gives you peace of mind

Lastly, cleaning your chimney gives you peace of mind. Knowing that your chimney is clean and in good condition means that you won’t have to worry about it causing a fire or polluting the air in your home. Make chimney cleaning a regular part of your home maintenance routine and enjoy some peace of mind.

Take Away

Cleaning your chimney is an important task. By understanding the benefits of doing so, you can be sure to make it a regular part of your home maintenance routine. Keep these benefits in mind the next time you consider skipping this important chore.

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Questions To Ask Your Myanmar Maid Agency

Working with a Myanmar maid is no more seen as a deluxe for numerous Singaporeans yet instead a requirement. From the increase of dual-income parents due to the increasing cost of living to the growing ageing populace and also sandwich generation, lots of Singaporean family members work with house cleanings to assist reduce the load from their daily obligations in your home.

Prior to taking the plunge as well as going straight into hiring an assistant, there are a few factors to consider that you need to bear in mind of such as the essential demands, cost, and also the various housemaid firms available.

Employing An Excellent Housemaid

Working with simply the best housemaid can be life-altering for the busy household. No time to keep your house as arranged or tidy as you would like.

Are they up to date?

Professional cleansing companies keep up to date on the current and finest cleaning techniques as well as products. It is very imperative to ask the housemaid solution if they will certainly be providing the equipment needed to cleanse your house prior to hiring. Most business are recognized to come completely furnished.

What kind of training do they offer?

The typical sector turn over is rather high, a great deal of solutions are just searching for warm bodies they can send. It’s not uncommon for brand-new hires to be anticipated to find out on duty. The best companies will certainly have official and file training processes that they have actually fine-tuned and also exercised given that opening. On-going training makes sure premium quality as well as results in lower turn over.

That Offers the Cleaning Equipment?

The general guideline is that the cleansing brings their own supplies, however it doesn’t hurt to ask ahead of time if you’re selecting a smaller cleaning service to make certain. It should be a warning to you however, an excellent housemaid service need to have standardized requirements for equipment and cleaners to accompany whatever training they give.

Professionalism and trust?

If you uncover a firm after a comprehensive company research study, you end up with expert house cleaning solutions that is not simply professional however likewise extremely experienced in its job. You guarantee your house continues to be tidy during cleansing and therapy procedures, using the correct products.

The length of time Have you remained in the business?

It takes even more than a base degree of cleansing understanding as well as a wipe container to start and run an excellent sustainable house cleaning solution. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t go with the newer business, but more well established house cleaning solutions that have actually been about longer often tend to be a lot more reliable, seasoned, as well as professional.

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Make Your Produce Last Longer

Many households shop for food and produce at least once a week — whether it is at a farmer’s market, a superstore, a neighborhood grocer, a specialty store or even a combination of resources. However, several families not only purchase produce regularly — they dispose of it often, as well.

Growth Of Food Waste

Food waste is a growing issue, especially in America. It is estimated that about 40% of food is thrown out in a year. A family of four trashes around $1,500 worth of food annually. That equates to about 80 million pounds of food, amassing to $161 billion in food waste. It has become a massive contributor to landfills, taking up approximately a quarter of landfill garbage. The most common product to be trashed is dairy and other dairy products, followed by fruits and vegetables.

What’s the leading cause of food waste? Spoilage. However, food and produce are often thrown away despite still being edible. Consumers may not be able to decipher expiration dates correctly or trash food that they do not want to eat anymore. That’s an unfortunate pattern, but there is hope for those who have issues with spoilage. There are many ways families can help their produce last longer which will save money, reduce food waste, and help overcrowded landfills.

Keep Track Of Waste

Firstly, it’s beneficial to keep track of what your family is throwing out the most. What kind of food products are you mostly disposing? Are you trashing produce every week because it has gone rotten, or do you just not wish to eat it? What’s the value of these foods being thrown away? Consider freezing food if possible or creating a compost heap for your home garden. Planning and organizing a weekly menu before heading to the store can help cut out impulsive spending and encourage smart, efficient purchases.

Upgrade Your Storage

Additionally, your family can upgrade the family refrigerator or add an approved purification system to your fridge that utilizes ozone and ionization technology to lessen ethylene. This can further delay decomposition in food and produce. Properly storing fruits and vegetables can also help them stay fresh for a longer period of time.

The infographic below provides more information about proper food storage and other tips and tricks.

Infographic provided by Greentech Enviornmental
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Protecting Your Home From Package Theft

As more households choose online retail shopping over in-person, it has caused an increase to an unfortunate trend — parcel theft. Package thieves, or sometimes known as porch pirates, are thieves who take delivered packages left at an addressee’s doorstep. In some instances, these thieves will shadow postal and delivery trucks throughout neighborhoods and wait for packages to be delivered. Some porch pirates will even wear a uniform to look less suspicious when stealing these goods. Luckily, there is hope for online shoppers to avert these sneaky thieves.

The gross value of packages that have been stolen last year from American consumers is $5.4 billion. The number is astounding. However, as the number of stolen packages continues to escalate, several households have resorted to creative solutions. These booby traps range from fake packages filled with stink sprays and glitter bombs to setting off sirens when their parcel gets lifted.

Nonetheless, there are other safer and more effective measures that homeowners can use. For instance, installing surveillance cameras or implementing doorbell cameras can help deter pesky porch pirates from pilfering your packages. Sometimes, they’re even caught in the act. Cameras can provide a source of video evidence that homeowners can present to their local police department. Concerned consumers can also install motion-sensor security lights.

An alternative and cost-efficient strategy to avoid package theft is to request an authorized signature for your package when delivered. Therefore, the delivery driver will not leave your parcels in danger. This method is greatly advantageous when expecting expensive goods.

Homeowners can also register for Amazon Key, but only if they have an Amazon Prime membership. This allows customers to have their packages delivered inside their garage, home or vehicle. Delivery drivers do not need an actual key. Instead, Amazon Prime members utilize an authorized smartphone app to remotely unlock the door to their desired drop-off location.

To find out more about how to prevent porch pirates, check out the infographic below.

Infographic provided by Bosma
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Sustainable Parenting Products We Should All Use

When it comes to sustainable parenting, there’s an emphasis on educating children to be eco-conscious and make decisions with the good of the planet in mind.

The goal being to teach kids to be more sustainable so they can grow up loving and caring for the environment which surrounds them.

There’s no real ‘playbook’ when it comes to this sort of thing, but there are some handy tips and tricks which you can take on and try. They’re not difficult either, so don’t worry about that!

New nappies

Nappies are a pivotal of parenthood for making sure there are no unfortunate spills and accidents during day-to-day life. The trouble with nappies is that they’re not very good for the environment.

Most end up in landfills where they’re left to pile up, or burnt, which can release harmful emissions into the atmosphere – luckily there are other options.

Bamboo Nappies are a great example, they’re mostly biodegradable, better for the planet and contain less plastic than normal nappies. Bamboo is an excellent eco-friendly resource which grows super-fast and is much better for the environment.

Not only that, but because bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, it’s super soft on your babies’ sensitive skin, reducing the risk of nappy rash!

Have a green clean

Having kids and babies means mess is almost inevitable, so that means you need stock up on cleaning products.

For quite a while, it’s been well-known that cleaning products contain toxins that are harmful to the planet and our health too. So why not make the switch to something more sustainable and eco-friendlier?

There are plenty of green cleaning options which use all-natural products, but why not make your own? Use lemon juice or vinegar with baking soda to scrub your pots and pans or wipe down your surfaces – they’re cheap and don’t come in plastic bottles, either!

Sustainable Straws!

No doubt you’ve got some straws lurking in your cupboard to slip into your kids’ favourite drinks so they can slurp it up (and there’s less chance of them spilling it on the new carpet…)

But if they’re plastic, you should know better. Plastic straws are terrible for the planet, in particular marine life – they stick around the ocean for years, getting eaten by all kinds of fish and animals.

Invest in some reusable straws which you can wash up and use countless times. If single-use is your thing, try paper, or better yet bamboo, which is sturdier and eco-friendlier.

It’s a small change, but you never know, it could make a big difference! Especially to the turtles…

If parents can instil these practices early and teach their children the best ways to enjoy sustainable living, the future of the planet might start looking a little brighter for all of us.

The next generation of eco-conscious kids could be the answer we’re all looking for, and it’s up to today’s parents to teach them the ways!

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Factors Determining the Cost of Professional House Cleaning

It is no longer right to assume that anyone who is not dedicated to cleaning their home or apartment is lazy. Due to the high cost of living that has defined this new age, people are going the extra mile to meet their ever-rising financial needs. As a result of this, most individuals find it difficult to manage their homes or apartments concerning cleanliness. The idea of hiring a professional cleaner to work home or apartment cleaning services has therefore taken root in virtually every society. Finding a competent house cleaner is satisfying because it gives a homeowner the peace of mind that they badly need.

Factors that determine the cost of professional house cleaning

As the demand for professional house cleaning services continues to rise, experts in this field leave nothing to chance when it comes to streamlining their operations. Before a professional house cleaner agrees to clean your house, there are several factors that they will consider for purposes of determining the scope of work and the pricing. Therefore, it is important for every homeowner to familiarize themselves with some of these factors to make a wise judgment when engaging a professional house cleaner. Here are some of the factors that will determine the cost of professional house cleaning;

  • Condition of the house – A house or an apartment that has not been cleaned for an extended period will cost a substantial amount to clean. This is because a lot of time will be spent digging through the clutter and doing away with the accumulated dirt fora longer period. A professional house cleaner will assess the condition of your home before quoting its price. The more neglected your home or apartment is, the higher it will cost to clean it.
  • Square footage – Most maid services will charge you per sq. foot of space. Since a bigger house will demand more cleaning supplies and a bigger workforce, professional house cleaners will charge a higher amount of money to clean such houses compared to smaller ones with a limited number of rooms. This, therefore, means that before engaging a professional cleaner, it is important to understand that the bigger your house or apartment, the more you will have to pay and vice versa. In the unfortunate event that you cannot pay for the cleaning of your entire house or apartment, you can have an arrangement with a professional cleaner and have them clean only the space you are capable of paying for. You can always clean your home in phases.
  • Type of cleaning – There are different types of cleaning services that are offered by professional home cleaners. In most cases, companies offer services that revolve around standard cleaning procedures like, dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming. However, there are instances when a client may require services that touch on rarely cleaned places. Examples of such places include; baseboards, washing machines, and interior windows. Advanced cleaning of this nature will automatically cost a lot more than standard cleaning offered by most cleaning services.
  • Frequency of cleaning – If you are hiring a professional house cleaner for a one-time thorough cleaning, then expect to pay a higher amount. However, this is not the case when you are engaging a professional cleaner for an extended period. There are chances that you will benefit from the service provider’s discounts, since you will be spending more on the service as a whole.

Final thought

Whether you live in your home or a rented apartment, the fact remains that cleanliness should be treated with a lot of seriousness. Suppose you feel overwhelmed by other responsibilities that are equally important in helping you to foot your bills, it is advisable to hire a professional house cleaning company to clean your home or apartment, as you focus on other issues that need your attention.

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Tips to Keep You Safe While Driving

A motor vehicle accident can leave you injured and unable to provide for your family. Even a relatively minor collision can still be a major inconvenience.

Try these tips to help you stay safe on the road.

Perform Regular Maintenance on Your Vehicle

Keep your automobile in perfect working order helps to ensure it behaves as you expect while you’re driving. You should make sure your brake pads are replaced regularly and don’t delay your oil changes. Additionally, check for any recalls associated with your vehicle.

People often drive on tires long past when they should have been changed. Make sure to replace worn tires with new ones from a reputable brand, like Falken tires.

Adjust Your Vehicle’s Features Before You Drive

Most automobiles can be customized for your individual needs. These adjustments should be made before you begin driving to prevent distractions. Set your climate control settings. Position your mirrors to guarantee you can see your surroundings. Adjust your seat so you are comfortable but able to drive correctly.

Wear a Seatbelt

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, wearing a seatbelt in a passenger car reduces the chance of a moderate to critical injury by about 50% and the risk of a fatal injury by 45%. Buckling up is the simplest thing you can do to protect yourself in a car.

Avoid Driving Under the Influence

Alcohol and drugs can impair your ability to see and respond to hazards, as well as affecting your judgment in other ways. If you choose to drive under the influence, you are risking your own life and that of others on the road. When you drink, make sure to arrange a ride with a rideshare service or with a designated sober driver.

Follow Traffic Laws and Speed Limits

The primary intent of traffic laws is to promote public safety on roads and highways. Among these laws, those regarding speed, traffic lights, and traffic signs are perhaps the most important. For example, speed was a factor in about a quarter of all traffic fatalities in 2019, according to National Safety Council. Driving within the speed limit decreases the risk of a serious or fatal injury if an accident does occur.

Account for Poor Conditions

When facing inclement weather and conditions, like rain, ice, smoke, and fog, you must use additional caution. Relatively safe driving habits and speeds can quickly become dangerous in these types of conditions. For example, even driving the speed limit could be dangerous on wet or icy streets. You should avoid operating a vehicle in bad weather altogether, but if you do need to venture out, reduce your speed and pay close attention to potential hazards.

Limit Distractions

Distracting activities, like using your cell phone, changing the music, and focusing on other passengers, can pull your attention from the road and lead to a car wreck. Try turning your phone off, resist making changes to your music or climate control, and ask your passengers not to distract you.

By taking common-sense steps to protect yourself on the road, you can reduce the risk of a serious or fatal injury.

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Digital Marketing Tips For Home Working Parents

Growing your business online while balancing childcare and family life can be a strain. Keeping your clients happy, looking after the kids, and running your household can mean promoting your own business loses out.

We outline some efficient digital marketing tips for home-working parents to keep leads coming in without taking up too much of your precious time.

Getting started

One of the biggest challenges with creating your own marketing is knowing where to start. Buying yourself a little time is the first step. With a baby in the house, you can consider a baby bassinet to keep your little treasure entertained while you work. A baby crib also provides the perfect solution if it is time for a rest.

When you make it to your desk, let’s get into a great starting point for your digital marketing. First, think about creating a few core pieces of content that you can utilize across your campaigns. As a baseline, you will want a logo, color palette, and a recognizable font. Use these across all your materials for consistency and brand building.

Generate your content

Be realistic about your content. As a guide, try to produce at least a short blog each week about an interesting, thought-provoking topic related to your customers. Top tips and ‘5 reasons’ style articles are a great start and very SEO-friendly.

Putting together a simple content schedule and campaign template. This will help you plan topics that your audience will relate to. It also helps you ensure consistency across all your marketing channels.

Choose your channels

With some content to work with, you can now decide on the best channels to promote it. Think about your target audience and where they go to find information. Focus on particular social media platforms depending on your target demographic.

From your weekly article, you can craft a few days’ worths of social posts. You can also create some simple Google Ads and build an email database. Once you have decided on the best social media platforms for your audience, consider some paid ads to maximize your visibility.

Depending on your line of business, you can also consider listing your services on digital freelancer sites to generate leads.

Test, test, test

Run some tests across all your campaigns. Establish key marketing metrics for your website, social channels, and emails. Run A/B tests with all your content to see what works best.

(Image: )

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How to Pick a Sofa

Picking out a sofa is not as easy as a lot of people think that it is. It’s not just about getting the right fit and color for the room you are putting it in. If you do a little homework, your extra efforts will go very far. You may even have the sofa for much longer in your life than if you purchased the first thing that you like.

One place to start your research is online with Joybird reviews furniture sites, because Joybird reviews are honest feedback from consumers that have used the product. There are reviews out there for any line of sofa that you are looking for. Pick up more tips on how to pick the right sofa right here.

The Right Frame of Mind

Spend time looking at the frames of the sofas you like. Typically, you want one made of hardwood and not particle board. Metal construction as well will damage easily in time. Look for feet or legs that are screwed in, and not glued in

A test of a good frame is to lift one corner of the sofa off the floor. If the other side doesn’t lift quickly, it’s a frame that is not going to stand the test of time. You don’t want to hear creaking when you do this either.

Cushion Content

The way the sofa is built is important, but what is inside counts as well. You have options here. Sofa cushions can be foam, fiber, or feather-filled. Most experts will say that a combination of foam and feather will give you the most comfort when it comes to your sofa cushions.

All feathers will give you lumpy cushions in time. Foam provides structure to cushions. A little foam for structure with some feathers for comfort will be ideal.

Get the Right Size

If you are ordering a sofa online, you need to do your measuring first. This is something that needs a little more than a pass with a measuring tape. One common way to measure for a sofa is to diagram the area for the sofa with painter’s tape.

This way you can get the most precise measurements. When you are looking for a sofa online, use these measurements, along with the depth measurement of the sofa, to help you to pick the right one.

Do Your Homework

When you are looking for a sofa, the choices may seem overwhelming. But they won’t be now that you know what to look for. Do a little homework on sofas, and picking the right one for you will seem so much easier.

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