How to Pick a Sofa

Picking out a sofa is not as easy as a lot of people think that it is. It’s not just about getting the right fit and color for the room you are putting it in. If you do a little homework, your extra efforts will go very far. You may even have the sofa for much longer in your life than if you purchased the first thing that you like.

One place to start your research is online with Joybird reviews furniture sites, because Joybird reviews are honest feedback from consumers that have used the product. There are reviews out there for any line of sofa that you are looking for. Pick up more tips on how to pick the right sofa right here.

The Right Frame of Mind

Spend time looking at the frames of the sofas you like. Typically, you want one made of hardwood and not particle board. Metal construction as well will damage easily in time. Look for feet or legs that are screwed in, and not glued in

A test of a good frame is to lift one corner of the sofa off the floor. If the other side doesn’t lift quickly, it’s a frame that is not going to stand the test of time. You don’t want to hear creaking when you do this either.

Cushion Content

The way the sofa is built is important, but what is inside counts as well. You have options here. Sofa cushions can be foam, fiber, or feather-filled. Most experts will say that a combination of foam and feather will give you the most comfort when it comes to your sofa cushions.

All feathers will give you lumpy cushions in time. Foam provides structure to cushions. A little foam for structure with some feathers for comfort will be ideal.

Get the Right Size

If you are ordering a sofa online, you need to do your measuring first. This is something that needs a little more than a pass with a measuring tape. One common way to measure for a sofa is to diagram the area for the sofa with painter’s tape.

This way you can get the most precise measurements. When you are looking for a sofa online, use these measurements, along with the depth measurement of the sofa, to help you to pick the right one.

Do Your Homework

When you are looking for a sofa, the choices may seem overwhelming. But they won’t be now that you know what to look for. Do a little homework on sofas, and picking the right one for you will seem so much easier.

Mahir Garth

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